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  • Premium Quality Silk With Hand Printing: (Silk Mark India Certified)
  • The traditional Hand painted Silk sarees are recognized for pure silk and vibrant non-fading colours. The craftsmen use the most superficial quality of cloth paints that give the art forms painted on these sarees a chic touch and defined appearance of each minute detail. 
  • The art forms depicted on the sarees are within the sort of short stories.  
  • The artists don’t just paint a specific pattern into the hand-painted sarees, but sometimes they paint the entire story depicting the emotion behind the art. We as responsible citizens can purchase, wear and promote the strenuous efforts they absorb painting these sarees. It’ll encourage them and keep the heritage of hand-painted Sarees alive. Silk  is the right and best destination if you’re trying to find hand-painted sarees.

Silk Hand Printed Red

SKU: SHP1050
Taxes Included
  • Dry cleaning is the best way to ensure that your saree is clean and maintained at the same time. Detergents can ruin the material.

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