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About Ardhangi


My Story

We believe Ardhangi is for all such women who are successful in their life be it profession or

family or society. You have worked hard to reach this stage of your life by sheer hard

work and passion for everything which you do. You must enjoy this success and do

everything to feel happy and remain positive to achieve another goal in your life. The best

way to enjoy yourself is to wear a good dress and ornaments and tell the whole world about your

success with much more confidence.

We have created Ardhangi to highlight this positive aspect of your life so that you become

an inspiration to millions of others. Our Ardhangi blog will highlight you as a successful woman

who cares for others. On weekly basis, we will publish your story on our blog and it's very

easy to participate. Just buy our collections of Saree and send us your

photo and the beautiful story about you which you want to share with others. Our

craftsmen will give it a classic look and publish your story.

Since you are a special woman who wants to enjoy, we have gone the extra mile to pick the right product which is pure, authentic, original and affordable. We have removed all middle layers so that you get a fresh fragrance of the threads that you will wear. When you buy any product from Ardhangi, you will feel happy as they are original and affordable.

We have added something extra to make you delighted. We have decided to set aside part

of every sale for a noble cause and that’s the right scholarship for girl students who deserve the most. With every purchase, you will feel happier that you are contributing to something which will bring hope and light to someone who also wants to be successful like you.

Happy Shopping

Yours Ardhangi

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